“Tancrède, Julien, Seb and Antoine are pioneers in ‘highlining’ – a vertiginous combination of climbing, slackline and tightrope walking. We travelled from our home in Chamonix to our training ground in the Verdon gorge, testing the limits for our ultimate goal… We rigged highlines on the skyscrapers of Paris, and finally came to the spectacular cliffs and fjords of Norway.”

Directed by Babette Pauthier, the film features a series of the new collection scarves in dynamic motion, each of which features a variation of the iconic McQueen skull theme. Many of the designs are inspired by details from Sarah Burton’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection for Alexander McQueen and feature key collection motifs such as broken porcelain, armour, feathers and tweed.

Anthony Lister was in San francisco for the Young & Free show at 941 Geary. This video chronicles his adventures and projects during his stay.

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